” SIRIO Business Transformation delivers revenue & profit growth and leverages innovation capability & capacity” 


SIRIO is a metaphor for clarity, for visibility, for navigation, for communication, for collaboration, for safety.  It is the brightest star in the earth’s night sky.  Its brightness is illuminating!

We enjoy working with businesses that present as having commercial, technical or operational challenges.  It is an environment where we can effectively leverage and deploy our technical and commercial expertise to help counter uncertainties.

We get a “buzz” from seeing a business succeed and flourish (and survive).  It touches a deep vein of experience and motivates us!

Winning the trust of the business (the team, the CEO, the owner), being “allowed-in” to take a deeper dive and, crucially, being considered a valuable friend to the business is fundamental to deliver enduring value. 

It allows us to provide objective (but not impersonal) advice that increases the probability of success and solves problems more effectively.  This is what we strive for in every engagement!

We have a deep sense of responsibility and ownership and can empathise and understand your challenges and the opportunities at a meaningful (and not theoretical or superficial) level.

We want to help you shine a light on (and expose) the potential in the business and then help you realise it. Our objective is to deliver sustained value; far in excess of any of the costs of engagement.


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