Impact Synopsis covering our three product areas: STAR Optimisation™STAR Open Innovation™STAR Acceleration™


  • Advised over 45 technology-rich (both technology developers & users) early-stage businesses & SMEs and helped increase and sustain revenue growth by (at least) 20% per annum


  • Deployed our deep & extensive technical background and commercial experience to make the business commercialisation and growth journey less risky, shorter, more productive, and more valuable to early-stage businesses and SMEs


  • Advised and mentored over 15 start-up businesses to drive revenue & profit growth and operational effectiveness


  • Delivered Open Innovation programmes (since 2006 – a UK first) to accelerate time-to-market (commercialisation), make new product development more efficient and to address new market opportunities more effectively by building on our strengths in innovation management and thought leadership   


  • Added significant value in an interim capacity in both large companies and SMEs in the UK and USA by capitalising on our significant (over 65 combined years) operations, strategy & market development capability 





Capability Synopsis:


  • Proven ability to successfully deliver large, novel & standard-defining regional & national programmes focused on high-growth


  • Deliver Business Acceleration programs including developing a compelling and valuable ecosystem to generate high levels of investment deal-flow and business collaboration


  • Make valuable target market connections and collaborations, and provide investment advice and mentoring through the business growth journey


  • Help businesses & organisations solve complex challenges, facilitate collaborations & connections and address new market opportunities more effectively with an industry–leading Enterprise Innovation Management (Open Innovation) software solution


  • Work with businesses to effectively exploit their potential for innovation, to deliver value & sustain their competitive advantage


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