The goal of the Ezassi Enterprise Innovation Management solution is to help clients accelerate time-to-innovate and drive organisation wide benefit at pace.

Ezassi helps businesses rethink how they scout, manage, sustain, engage, analyse and innovate with their industry-leading Enterprise Innovation Management (Open Innovation) SaaS technology.

EZassi Open Innovation software expands the reach of your ideation initiatives while protecting the intellectual property rights of your organization.

The configurable software platform includes controlled idea capture for both external and internally generated ideas and challenges, provides automated idea assessment and customized workflows that populate a searchable idea repository.

These features provide unparalleled risk mitigation against IP misappropriation, enhanced acquisition of new product ideas and technologies, increased operational efficiency, reduced costs and improved time to market.

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We publish online Systems, Organisation and Process ‘health-checks’ called Pathway Audits™ that can quickly and cost effectively assess your ability to deliver Strategy, Programmes and Change.

Our experienced Pathway Audit designers and authors are professionals with expertise in many business sectors. 

30 years of experience for 30 minutes of your time.

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