STAR Acceleration™
STAR Acceleration™

“An Acceleration programme to identify and target businesses that have the potential for significant growth to help them realise that potential”

Delivering Business Performance – STAR Acceleration™

We deliver Acceleration programmes focused on businesses that have the potential for significant growth (to scale). They allow first visibility of the technologies of tomorrow and associated (practical and commercial) applications. 

Our tested and trusted selection process ensures that businesses are ready, willing and capable to engage positively which is why our focus on the entrepreneur(s) is a critical component of the Accelerator process (and the ultimate success of the business).  

Our accelerator methodology incorporates long term, targeted and relevent mentoring that is critical to business success.

The Accelerator could be thematic (e.g. IoT/Autonomy/Robotics – Industry4.0) and/or Sector focused (e.g. marine, satellite/space, agritech, biotech, manufacturing etc.) and could also be specific to a region or cluster; customised to their local industrial strategy.

It could also benefit the research-to-commercialisation value chain by engaging with spinouts from HE and deliver a greater ROI for the businesses, HE and UK Plc!

The Accelerator would have a valuable and compelling ecosystem that it would operate within to generate high levels of business collaboration and investment deal-flow ensuring positive outcomes for the businesses.


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