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STAR Open-Innovation™

“We help organisations (commercial & public sector) and economic regions to effectively exploit their potential & capacity for innovation, improvement and collaboration to drive system-wide value at pace”

Delivering Business Performance – STAR Open-Innovation™

Closed Innovation, which pertained for most of the 20th Century, is where ideas are dreamed up and developed within corporate R&D labs and sold to a grateful market place. Closed Innovation typically follows a linear path from idea to market. 

The concept of Open Innovation, conversely, is that by also looking outside their own (typical or specific) boundaries, organisations (or economic regions or enterprises) can gain better access to ideas, collaborations, knowledge, markets and technology to enable system-wide value productively, and at speed.

To do this, you need to find and engage – “scout” for ideas, solvers and collaborators from outside (and within) your organization which is a critical aspect of Open Innovation.

To complement our significant (since 2006) track record of making invaluable connections between large corporates, SMEs, start-ups and the knowledge base and to effectively support this type of Open Innovation environment we have partnered with eZassi™ 

Enterprise Innovation Management software solution to accelerate innovation

eZassi™  help organisations accelerate their time-to-innovate: from idea generation to implementation/adoption to sharing of innovation, at speed, using their industry-leading software technology.

Their unique and fully customisable software (SaaS – Software as a Service) platform makes the innovation management process more productive and enables an Open Innovation environment.

Some of the highpoints of the STAR Open-Innovation™ solution include:


  • Address new market opportunities more effectively & productively – reduce time to market & improve commercialisation


  • Facilitate collaborations & connections both from within & outside the enterprise; sharing innovation & best-practice at speed


  • Solve complex challenges using a unique & proprietary cyber-scouting technology to search beyond traditional networks


  • Accelerate new product & process development and sustain competitive advantage 


  • Minimise IP risk using a structured idea capture process that is safe and secure 


  • Reduce the reliance on serendipity and slow, manual processes to engage, collaborate and spread innovation


  • Low cost of ownership with simple (and multiple) engagement models


“Enterprises are increasingly turning to open innovation for their product development strategy.  Half the company’s ideas must come from the outside.  To do this, you need to find and engage innovators outside of your organization. This is called “technology scouting,” and it’s a critical aspect of open innovation.”  Alan G. Lafley, CEO  Proctor & Gamble

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