STAR optimisation
STAR Optimisation™

“We enable revenue & profit growth for SMEs and early-stage businesses by optimising:

strategy, funding & business development”

Delivering Business Performance – STAR Optimisation™

For SMEs and early stage business the challenges can be intense and unremitting; with resource, time and cost management a constant balancing act! When you add to this mix a very competitive business landscape, the need to deliver a targeted solution, cost-effectively, becomes paramount.

Our extensive experience working in SMEs and start-ups has given us crucial first-hand insight into those challenges. We are adept at defining, and transforming, a strategic vision into a winning commercial proposition.

“I recommend Mujeeb without reservation.  His ability to grasp vague concepts, identify the key issues and engage in a warm and enthusiastic manner has been remarkable.  As our investments realise potential, it is in no small measure due to Mujeeb’s talent and passion.”  CEO  Resilience Communications Ltd


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“Mujeeb was an excellent sounding board and helped me to focus on the core elements that would enable me to grow the business in a professional way. He worked with me to identify key issues and then coached me to form an action plan to match the strategic goals of the business.”  Managing Director – Progress Engineering Limited


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Using deep technical, financial and analytical capability we can help resolve complex, multi-faceted business issues and drive significant commercial growth. 

Furthermore, our ability to engender high levels of confidence and credibility from the outset will ensure that value is realised quickly and effectively.

Allied to this is blue-chip multinational experience in the UK, USA & EMEA that has helped refine our process management skills and provided the basis for rigorous professionalism.

Mujeeb took the time and effort to really understand my complex technology business and challenge me on its future direction. More than anything Mujeeb’s input has given me the confidence to be more ambitious in my business goals and this is already bearing fruit”   CEO Packet Ship Technologies Ltd